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California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (CASCD)

The California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (CASCD) is a diverse community of educators throughout California committed to promoting exemplary practices that ensure all learners reach their fullest potential.

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Assistant Executive Director

CASCD is seeking an exceptional, innovative educational leader with a background in curriculum and instruction and a desire to continue supporting the educators and students in CA.    A golden opportunity to create your own schedule and work from home while keeping connected to California's fast-paced educational community, collaborate with schools to personalize Professional Development as a Partner with an international educational organization. If you are interested in working part-time for a dynamic professional association that is committed to serving the “Whole Child”,  send your resume to: 


 P.O. Box 1841

Oroville, CA 95965

See job description below.

California ASCD Assistant Executive Director Job Description!

The Governing Board of the Califonia ASCD, an affiliate of the international ASCD organization, is seeking an assistant Executive Director who is an exceptional leader who will continue to build upon the ASCD's tradition of educational excellence.

California ASCD  is a community of all educators committed to promoting Whole Child practices to ensure that all students are safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged.  The Statewide membership of 2,000 reflects the educational diversity in California and is comprised of superintendents, central office administrators, principals and assistant principals, department heads, teachers, university personnel, state agency personnel, and others.

California ASCD develops the professional and innovative repertoire of a diverse membership of educational leaders, empowering those committed to enhancing education.  Programs are tailored to meet the needs of schools or districts and address the current needs of social/emotional development, curriculum development, instruction, assessment, grading and/or supervision.  CA ASCD continues to expand in the areas of advocacy and influence addressing legislative policy development in support of the Whole Child achievement and strives to be the essential "go to" organization for legislative and educational leaders in California.

I. Title:  Assistant Executive Director (part-time) Independent Contractor with California ASCD Association who will work with the Executive Director to support completion of the following tasks.

II.  Qualifications:  

a.  Background in Curriculum and Instruction

b.  Demonstrated educational leadership

c. Involvement with CASCD and ASCD

d.  Hold a current California administrative        credential

e.  Experience working with professional educational organizations 

f.  Effective leadership, interpersonal and communication skills

g.  Experience in developing professional training

III.  Primary Function:

a.  Provides administrative services and leadership assistance to the CASCD President and Executive Board in accordance with the CASCD constitution, by-laws, and adopted policies and practices of the Executive Board.

IV.  Reports to:  CASCD President and Board.

V.  Conditions of Employment:

a.  One-year contract is renewable following the annual evaluation by the Board.

VI.  Responsibilities:

a.  Planning and Leadership

i.  Facilitates the implementation of the Biennial Plan working with the officers and committees.

ii. Coordinates planning for the bi-annual Board of Directors retreat meeting.

iii.  Provides guidance and assistance to CASCD Committees.

b.  Liaison with Board of Directors

i.  Coordinates development of Board of Director meeting agendas with the President.

ii.  Coordinates board agenda, minutes to board members one week prior to scheduled meetings of the board.

iii.  Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors & Committees.

iv.  Serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

v.  Keeps the board informed between meetings of important CASCD business via email.

Maintains and updates the Board's directory and matrix to guide selection of new board members.

c.  Conferences and Professional Development Programs

i.  Organizes all P.D. events

ii.  Creates marketing materials for conference and professional development activities.

iii. Works to manage registration process and the payment of bills for all sponsored conference and professional development programs

iv.  Attends P.D. events and hosts the presenters.

v.  Contracts with presenters for professional development activities.

vi.  Arranges for facilities and materials for professional development activities.

d.  Membership:

i.  Works with ASCD to maintain the membership database.

ii.  Implements Board approved strategies for recruiting and retaining members

iii.  Serves as CASCD's contact person for the ASCD Joint Dues Program.

e.  Liaison to ASCD International:

i.  Serves as the contact person between CASCD and ASCD.

ii.  Represents CASCD at all ASCD and ASCD affiliate functions as directed by the Board.

iii.  Attends ASCD Annual Conference, ED meetings, regional and leadership conferences.

iv.  Prepares and submits annual ASCD affiliate Data Profile and other required reports.

f.  Liaison to other Organizations & Corporate Partners:

i.  Collaborates with regional, state and local educational and professional organizations in the pursuit of activities that support the CASCD's mission and goals.

ii.  Represents approved CASCD policy issues or positions to other organizations.

iii.  Promote and develop CASCD corporate partners

        1.  Facilitate participation/hosting at P.D. activities and Board events.

iv.  Adheres to CASCD Board approved policies on endorsements and co-sponsorships.


i.  Coordinates all CASCD press releases.

ii.  Coordinates with committees to provide information to the webmaster to be posted to the website, Facebook, monthly Curriculum Feed and other social media.

iii.  Communicates with the President on a regular basis and with the Executive Board as appropriate between meetings of the board.

h.  General Office Management:

i.  Receives and responds to CASCD correspondence.

ii.  Maintains CASCD correspondence and financial files and history in concert with the CASCD administrative assistant.

iii.  Works with CASCD treasurer to issue invoices, manage billing procedures and ensure that records of revenues and expenditures are maintained.

iv.  Works with CASCD treasurer regarding collection of revenues, approval of payment of bills, income tax report, and issuance of 1099 forms to those contracted by CASCD.

v.  Supervises operations of CASCD board members involved in CASCD membership, registration and accounting processes.

CASCD will be negotiating to offer several  workshops this next year focused on developing and implementing a trauma-sensitive environment.  We will be offering the initial training (Level 1) with additional training (Level 2) to follow.  Location and detailed information to be added soon.  

“Forever Changed Not Forever Damaged”

Childhood trauma is real, it is prevalent and it impacts students, their learning and the adults in their lives quite significantly.  In this engaging, relevant and practical session, learn from childhood trauma expert Kristin Souers, MA LMHC, (author of "Fostering Resilient Learners:  Strategies for creating a trauma-sensitive classroom").

If your district is interested in hosting one of these events, please contact us!

Professional Development Events



For submitting a nomination for 2019 please click the following for the form and instructions

OIL Award Nomination form 2019.pdf

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CASCD members are active and involved in the changing face of education.  Join CASCD and become empowered with innovative solutions to support the success of all learners.

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We encourage all interested members to take advantage of opportunities for engagement with CASCD.

CASCD strives to exist as a vibrant and active network where anyone who cares about quality teaching, leading and learning is welcome and can find meaningful ways to engage. Our members frequently volunteer to host workshops and institutes at their schools, serve on committees, produce newsletter articles or webinars, and serve the Association in a variety of ways. If you are a CASCD member and would like an opportunity for greater involvement, speak with a Board Member or our Executive Director, Kathleen McCreery at 916-206-8103, about opportunities. 

Corwin Presents Institute on...

Visible Learningplus

Foundation Day Institute

Featured Speaker:  JOHN HATTIE

February 6-7, 2019 

San Diego, CA

Part of the Visible Learning Foundation Series, this two day institute is designed to provide you with the tools to identify key takeaways from the Visible Learning research, learn about the five strands of Visible Learning, and identify the difference between influence that impact student achievement.

Enjoy $25 off registration with promo code:  CAASCD

Please see flyer below for more information and/or visit Corwin's webpage by using the inserted link. 

California ASCD Announces 2018 Outstanding Instructional Leader

California ASCD is proud to announce Charlene Stringham, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services for Tulare County Office of Education as the winner of the 2018 Outstanding Instructional Leader Award.

Charlene Stringham supports educators in Tulare County in their work with students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As a leader in Tulare County, she is a strong advocate for all students and has garnered partnerships with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Stanford University to improve elementary math instruction. In addition to her work in instructional services for Tulare County, she has presented on topics related to policy analysis, curriculum and instruction, and instructional leadership.

The Outstanding Instructional Leader Award is given annually to California educators who have significantly impacted/influenced public education in California either through influence, advocacy, leadership, or teaching. The award is given in recognition of Helen Hefferman who provided California with outstanding service, keen insight, vision and leadership in curriculum and instruction.

Mrs. Stringham was publically recognized at an October board meeting.



in as little as 12 months

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Cameron Whitcomb | (323) 514-1367 |

ASCD CaliforniaPhone: (530) 520-9412
Mailing: PO Box 1841
Oroville, CA 95965

The California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (CASCD) is a diverse community of educators throughout California committed to promoting exemplary practices that ensure all learners reach their fullest potential.


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