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The Curriculum Feed—concise information and timely resources for California educators

Published monthly, The Curriculum Feed focuses on what's happening in education in California. We sift through a range of news sources and do our best to provide CASCD members with a manageable set of leads on critical topics in curriculum, policy, professional development, and technology.  We also feature occasional articles and relevant news from our educational and corporate partners.

The Curriculum Feed - concise information and timely resources for California educators...

A publication of California ASCD - February 2024

February 2024 CASCD Curriculum Feed Newsletter - Volume 1

February 2024 CASCD Curriculum Feed Newsletter-Volume 1

National School Counseling Week (February 5–9)

CASCD thanks all of our California school counselors during February 5–9, 2024, as we celebrate National School Counseling Week. School counselors help meet the needs of the whole child, which we know is instrumental to success in school and life. A comprehensive, well-staffed counseling program provides the foundation students need to be academically, emotionally, and socially successful. Thank you to our school counselors!!!!

Taking the SAT in March? No need to sharpen a pencil

The SAT will only be available digitally, starting in March - and it'll be shorter.

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Use sight words within science of reading approaches, researcher advises

Teachers should integrate sight words and high frequency words into decoding instruction, rather than relying on students memorizing words.

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Striving for Relationship-Centered Schools: Insights From a Community-Based Transformation Campaign

In recent years, there has been a growing understanding that consistent developmental relationships support student learning and well-being. Research shows that youth who have positive connections with adults at their schools demonstrate higher levels of motivation, self-esteem, and prosocial behavior than their peers in less relationship-centered contexts. Relationship-centered schools also enable a range of positive student academic outcomes, including increased attendance, graduation rates, achievement on English language arts and math assessments, and college-going rates.

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What Will It Take to Align Teacher Prep to the Science of Reading? California Offers Clues

The Golden State is revamping credentials for teaching reading. But some advocates worry it won't go far enough.

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Fitting Tutoring Into the School Day Is Hard. How 3 Principals Made It Work

Three principals persist with high-dosage tutoring, using creative strategies to fit it into busy school schedules.

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In Sum, Math Picture Books Work

A 2023 research review shows that when picture books are integrated into math lessons, student performance-and engagement-can see a sizable boost.

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California agrees to target the most struggling students to settle learning-loss lawsuit

Billions in state funding for learning recovery would reach students most affected by the pandemic, under tighter rules, in a deal to end Cayla J. v. California.

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The New Digital SAT: 4 Important Details Educators Need to Know

The digital SAT college admissions exam launches in the United States this spring.

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Report: Schools Won't Recover from COVID Absenteeism Crisis Until at Least 2030

Dire news from two separate studies require a 'hard pivot,' researchers say - and some lawmakers are starting to listen.

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7 Artificial Intelligence Trends That Could Reshape Education in 2024

The revolutionary role of AI in education has a major impact on teaching and learning. Here's what to watch next year.

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Gov. Newsom's budget proposal calls for expanding arts ed pathway

The proposal aims to help working artists become arts teachers in elementary schools.

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AI Has Downsides. How Teachers Can Manage Them

AI's challenges offer opportunities to prepare students for the world they will graduate into, one where the technology will be commonplace.

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CASCD Professional Learning Opportunities

Increasing Belonging, Well-Being, and Engagement

Dr. Douglas Reeves - FREE 5-part Webinar Series - Next on 2/13/24

Fearless Grading and Equity - with presenter, Dr. Douglas Reeves - 3 Parts Remaining Webinar Series 2/13/24, 2/27/24, 3/12/24

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Engage Your Math Students Through Technology - 2/8/2024 - Live on Zoom with presenter Dan Meyer

Engage Your Math Students Through Technology - with presenter: Dan Meyer Institute Description: There are hundreds of technology products looking to support your student's math learning. But what are your values and beliefs about math, and how well do those products align? In this session, we will learn together why students dislike math.

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Building Brains. Battling Bias. - 4/2/2024 - In-person with presenters, Andratesha Fritzgerald, Allison Posey, and Nicole Tucker-Smith - Universal Design for Learning Event

Building Brains. Battling Bias. - 4/2/2024 - In-person with presenters, Andratesha Fritzgerald, Allison Posey, and Nicole Tucker-Smith - Universal Design for Learning Event

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CASCD Corporate Partner Opportunities

PurposeFull People - CharacterStrong

"Now more than ever educators and families are looking to educate the whole child and CharacterStrong + PurposeFull People delivers with easy-to-implement conversation starters, activities and authentic engagement opportunities."

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Age of Learning

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Caturing Kids' Hearts

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